ZPE Wands Contain Healing Frequencies for Energy Healing: Crystal Healing – Energy Medicine – Alternative Therapies

Crystal Healing – Energy Medicine – Alternative Healing TherapiesCrystals Infused with Frequencies Used to Enhance, Heal and RejuvenateWarning :  This book is brand specific and h…

Crystal Healing – Energy Medicine – Alternative Healing Therapies

Crystals Infused with Frequencies Used to Enhance, Heal and Rejuvenate

Warning :  This book is brand specific and has been written specifically to help owners of Iyashi Wands understand more about the ZPE Wand they own. It has been made available on Amazon for easy access by owners of this brand of ZPE wand world wide.

The Iyashi Wand contains Crystals which are infused with healing frequencies (over 1600 frequencies) which makes these ZPE wands useful in the world of energy healing andalternative healing therapies such as Crystal Healing and self healing.  

Did you know this? 

Piezoelectricity is a quality that some crystals, gemstones and ceramic materials have to generate a voltage when mechanical pressure is applied to them. Pyroelectricity in stones and crystals was the precursor of piezoelectricity. It was actually written about by Theophrastus in 314 BC when he discovered that Tourmaline became electrically charged when it was heated.

Piezoelectric stones, minerals and gemstones seem to possess certain electrical properties that can help restore the proper bio-electric functions of the body. They produce longitudinal EMF waves which are actually healing and beneficial to the body. By using products like a zero-point energy wand on the body in the prescribed way, the electrical nature of the red blood cells can be normalized and they flow freely without stacking or sticking together. This can improve oxygenation and nutrient delivery. Pain releases as the innate flow of energy in the body is restored.  The stuck energy in the meridians is released so pain can begin to disappear.  

This book will be helpful to those considering getting an Iyashi wand or other ZPE Wand.  

Readers will learn where the technology that brought about zero-point energy wands came from and how it will benefit them. Not all ZPE Wands are created equal. Before investing in a ZPE wand, it is a good idea to be well informed about the technology and what to look for in a zpe wand.

What will you learn? 

  • Where It All Began
  • What Is A Zero Point Energy Wand
  • The Dynamics Of Pain
  • The Science Of Wanding
  • Slowing The Effects Of Aging
  • What Do The Chakras Have To Do With The Zero-Point Field?
  • What The Wand Can Do For You How To Do It! Wanding At It’s Finest Head, Joints, Hands and Feet, Torso, Brain, Pain, Health Issues
  • Zero Point Energy Wands and Your Performance Animals, Farm Animals and Pets
  • Wanding The Plant and Tree Kingdom
  • The Care And Feeding Of A Zero-Point Energy Wand 

    By investing in this Book, one can learn whether or not an Iyashi wand is worth the investment ($100+) and why it makes sense to choose the Iyashi wand over a cheaper brand. In the world of zero point energy wand healing, all wands are not the same.  

    Why would people invest over $100 in a Iyashi wand rather then pay $19 – $39 for a cheaper brand? This book will help readers understand why.

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